What is a Pikler Triangle and Why do I need one?

What is a Pikler Triangle and Why do I need one?

Apart from looking gorgeous on display, our Pikler Triangles are open-ended, organic and eco-friendly toy and are a great addition to your play space. Babies as young as 6 months old can enjoy it as something to play, sit or crawl under, and as your bub grows, they will love pulling up to stand and eventually climbing it. And I guarantee you will love watching them explore their body and movement as they learn and develop new skills. 

Pikler frames and the accessories/extensions you can find to accompany them are often associated with Montessori and Steiner educational frameworks. This range of play and climbing equipment offers opportunity for :

  • Open ended play to encourage creativity
  • Fostering a safe environment to explore gross motor skills
  • Developing a level of independence in play
  • Encouragement of risky play (check out this post by @sensorymotionmama about why risky play is so important!)

Four Little Monkeys Pikler accessories:

  • Tents: Our pikler tent, designed to fit our Pikler triangle, is great for creating a calm corner or adding dimensions and creativity to the play space
  • Pikler climbing ramp: Adjustable angle to match the challenge to what your child needs. Notches for gripping and climbing, or can use the flat side as a small slide
  • Pikler cube: With laddered sides and tunnel entry, the cube promotes crawling, climbing, and other gross motor skill development, as well as creativity and imaginative play


Pikler triangles are perfectly safe and sturdy, however as with any risky play, should be supervised by a responsible person. Children should be encouraged to climb with some level of independence to help them know that you trust them, and that they can trust their muscles and joints too!

Remember, kids can (and will) fall. It’s normal, and it’s part of them learning how their bodies move in space. If you have tiles or another hard surface in the play area, a firm playmat can be used underneath but do note that this can create some instability. The firmer the surface (i.e. carpet or hardwood floors), the more stable the frame will be. 

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