Why the Halo?

"Let me undress the wounds in words.

Fold my skin like a blanket.

The blanket I had once dreamed of wrapping you in."

You may have noticed our very cute logo with our four little monkeys, the fourth of which has a beautiful halo.

Our inspiration for this fourth monkey is for every mother and father who has suffered from pregnancy loss.

We hope having a platform for sharing stories will help spark a dialogue about the prevalence of miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

In general, 16% of couples have probems with fertility, and one in four pregnancies end in loss

Approximately 16% of couples grapple with fertility challenges, reflecting the widespread nature of this issue within the general population. Furthermore, statistics indicate that about one in four pregnancies ends in loss, highlighting the emotional complexities surrounding the broader experience of parenthood.

The journey towards having a child often begins with a mix of anticipation and unease upon realizing the pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, the awareness of impending parenthood becomes more pronounced, coupled with a sense of excitement for the upcoming addition to the family. Nevertheless, challenges can arise, as evidenced by the fact that around the five-month mark, a noticeable decrease in fetal movements can evoke feelings of concern and uncertainty.

This phenomenon is often confirmed through medical scans, underscoring the intricacies of the pregnancy process. It's important to recognize that the path to parenthood can be marked by various challenges, including the emotional impact of experiencing stillbirths and miscarriages, which can deeply affect individuals and couples alike, although they might not be aware of the extent to which others worldwide share these difficult experiences.

We may feel alone. But we're not alone

Wherever we are in the world, one in four of us has lost a child – and we’re not lesser because of it. By sharing our collective struggles, we aim to remove the stigma attached to pregnancy loss and infertility.

Four Little Monkeys is a business built on the shared experience of this journey, and aims to support others who have suffered this loss. We aim to inspire change and help those navigating this difficult journey and are partnering with great organisations that share in this vision. Our promise is that a portion of our profits each year will go towards supporting incredible organisations. 

Meet Freda

Dr Freda Mangan is a Family Doctor, and most importantly a mother of two girls. She has a special interest in caring for women and young families.

She is passionate about evidence-based preventative medicine and providing holistic care for all her patients.

When she is not working on Four Little Monkeys you will find her working at South Steyne Medical Center in Manly.