One in Four

Navigating Fertility Challenges and Pregnancy Loss

The journey towards parenting is a fulfilling one, but it may also bring challenges and distressing experiences. In light of this, acknowledging some stark statistics becomes necessary. Approximately 16% of couples face issues with fertility, and a distressing one in four pregnancies ends in loss, including miscarriages and stillbirths. Unveiling these unfortunate statistics aids us in fueling open conversations and extending our support to those grappling with these realities.


Fertility Hurdles and the "One in Four" Statistic

Fertility struggles can impact anyone, regardless of health, age, or lifestyle, affecting about 16% of couples. It can be a disheartening journey, laden with pressure and uncertainty. Similarly, the prospect of one in four pregnancies ending in loss can seem daunting. These losses emerge from many causes, from genetic abnormalities to maternal health complications. They are an unfortunate reality associated with the journey to parenthood.


The Culture of Silence and Stigma

Despite being fairly common, these issues are often shrouded in stigma, leading to a culture of silence. The lack of communication only exacerbates feelings of isolation, guilt, and grief accompanying fertility problems and pregnancy loss. At "Four Little Monkeys," we acknowledge this silence and the need to promote empathetic, inclusive conversations around these topics.


Personal Narratives and Shared Experiences

Sharing our personal stories can be a powerful way to connect with others and find strength in knowing that we are not alone in our struggles. One in four people experience similar difficulties, and by sharing our stories, we can foster a sense of understanding and acceptance of these challenging issues. This can help us cope with difficult situations without feeling ashamed or isolated.


Commitment to Supportive Causes 

At Four Little Monkeys, we believe our role extends beyond conversations—to action. Therefore, we dedicate a portion of our profits towards causes that provide support in these areas. Our community advises and selects the causes, ensuring we respond to real, on-ground needs. We rotate these contributions periodically, amplifying our impact across different organisations.

Facing fertility issues or a pregnancy loss can be a challenging phase of life. At Four Little Monkeys, we are committed to nurturing an understanding, supportive community for all who trod this path. We stand with you, sharing your grief, hope, and resilience.