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Four Little Monkeys

Monkey Play and Learn Kit | 25-36 Months | Montessori Style Play

Monkey Play and Learn Kit | 25-36 Months | Montessori Style Play

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Designed for your curious toddler, the Monkey Play and Learn Kit ignites a journey of discovery and exploration in their rapidly expanding world. This play kit engages them with vibrant colours, varying shapes, and unique textures, fostering pronounced brain development.

★ Promote Rich Brain DevelopmentThrough interactive play with this Montessori-style kit, your 25 to 36-month-old can establish fresh neural pathways, cultivating cognitive growth and fine motor skills.

 Curiosity-Fuelled Exploration: This play box allows your toddler to process and understand their evolving surroundings, stimulating curiosity and encouraging independent discovery.

★ Visual Stimulation through Colour and Pattern: With an appealing blend of high-contrast, colourful images and objects, this play kit will help your little one refine their colour recognition and visual processing skills. Ignite their wonder and let the learning journey unfold with the Monkey Play and Learn Box.

Inside The Box: 

Playful Polygon Sorter

An engaging play set that boosts shape recognition and motor skills through the sorting of geometric blocks.

Colour Discovery Paddles
Interactive paddle set that nurtures learning about colours through firsthand exploration.

Monkey Mind Logic Game - Shapes
A captivating game with diverse shapes that stimulates cognitive development in toddlers.

Monkeys Fraction Puzzle
A playful mathematical puzzle designed to introduce fractions and problem-solving skills to toddlers.

Journey Through Colours Picture Book
A vibrant picture book that offers toddlers a vivid introduction to different hues and tones.

Counting Colours Rainbow Abacus
A rainbow-coloured counting tool designed to help toddlers learn counting, colour recognition, and basic arithmetic skills.

Parent Playtime Guide (25-36 Months)
A comprehensive guide from Four Little Monkeys, filled with tips, developmental insights, and home activity ideas for your growing baby.


At Four Little Monkeys, our team designed the exceptional Monkey Play and Learn Kit, specifically for toddlers aged 25-36 months to play and explore independently at their own pace. This Montessori-style playset is filled with colourful, interactive, educational toys that grow with your child.

Starting with the Playful Polygon Sorter, our user-friendly toy enhances your little one's fine motor skills while nurturing their ability to recognize different shapes.

Our innovative Colour Discovery Paddles encourage firsthand exploration of colours, stimulating their sensory and visual abilities, similar to interacting with a Pikler.

The Monkey Mind Logic Game - Shapes provides captivating interaction and significantly contributes to your child's cognitive development, boosting their problem-solving capabilities.

Our in-house designed Fraction Puzzle introduces mathematical concepts with an explorative, free-play approach.

Integration of the colourful Journey Through Colours Picture Book broadens your child's vocabulary while enhancing colour recognition, making every reading session a fun learning experience.

The Counting Colours Rainbow Abacus emulates the pleasure of learning through exploration. This vibrant counting tool enables your child to grasp counting, colour recognition, and basic arithmetic in an interactive way, similar to the experience provided by a Pikler Triangle.

The Four Little Monkeys' Parent Playtime Guide also ensures your child gets the most out of our Monkey Play and Learn Box. Tailored for 25-36 month-olds, it's filled with tips, developmental insights, and home activity ideas, moulded by experts in the vein of how picklers encourage independent exploration and play.

Engineered to facilitate your toddler's growth, the Monkey Play and Learn Kit is an effortless blend of fun and education that can stand the test of time. All Four Little Monkey products meet Australian and New Zealand Standards. Our play and learn kit products have undergone extensive testing, ensuring safety and reliability for your peace of mind. Embrace the joy of learning through play with Four Little Monkeys!

Material & Dimensions

- Pine Wood
- Plywood
- Juniper Wood
- Plastic Paper

- Box: 32x27x18cm
- Playful Polygon Sorter: 30x8x12cm
- Colour Discovery Paddles: 13cm
- Monkey Mind Logic Game - Shapes: 13x13x5cm
- Monkeys Fraction Puzzle: 22x22cm
- Journey Through Colours Picture Book: 15x15cm
- Counting Colours Rainbow Abacus: 27x23x6cm
- Parent Playtime Guide (25-36 Months): 18x13cm


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