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Four Little Monkeys

Monkey Play and Learn Kit | 7-12 Months | Montessori Style Play

Monkey Play and Learn Kit | 7-12 Months | Montessori Style Play

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Our Monkey Play and Learn Kit for 7-12 months is carefully curated to stimulate your growing baby's mind, providing them with sensory experiences to learn and explore at their own pace. Designed following the principles of Montessori-style play, this kit contains a variety of toys that cater to your baby's developmental needs.

Enhances Motor Skills: With toys like Soft Building Monkey Blocks and My Little Monkeys First Puzzle, the box is designed to develop integral motor skills, boosting hand-eye coordination and fine motor development.

Encourages Cognitive Growth: Our innovative Drop Ball Monkey Box and Wooden Book stimulate cognitive development, aiding in understanding object permanence and promoting early reading habits.

Stimulates Multi-sensory Experience: The Hedgehog Roller Rattle and Tactile Baby Rattle are specially crafted to engage your baby's senses of touch, vision, and hearing, escalating their sensory development and delight.

Promotes Independent Learning: Following the Montessori philosophy, each toy in the box encourages your child to learn at their own pace, promoting independent exploration and learning.

Guides Parent Interaction: With a comprehensive Parent Playtime Guide included, parents can engage effectively and productively with their babies, enhancing their playtime into skill-building sessions.

Inside The Box:

Drop Ball Monkey Box

A tool to assist the development of gross motor skills and the understanding of object permanence.

My Little Monkey's First Puzzle
An introductory puzzle to stimulate fine motor development and problem-solving abilities.

Wooden Book
A sustainable wooden book to stimulate early reading habits and cognitive development.

Hedgehog Roller Rattle
A delightful hedgehog-themed rattle for sensory engagement and amusement. 5.

Tactile Baby Rattle
An easy-to-grab rattle tailored for a baby's tactile and auditory stimulation.

Soft Building Monkey Blocks
Soft and safe building blocks optimized for baby's hand-eye coordination and fine motor development.

Parent Playtime Guide
This comprehensive guide serves to unravel the underlying thought process and methodology behind each toy in your play and learn kit. Count on it for numerous hours of productive, skill-building playtime.


Here at Four Little Monkeys, we believe in nurturing independent exploration in children. It's with this belief that we proudly present our enhanced Monkey Play and Learn Kit. This kit emphasizes fostering motor skills and cognitive development tailored precisely for each infant's pace.

The Drop Ball Monkey Box inside is the perfect introduction to understanding the concept of object permanency. It encourages gross motor skills as your baby learns the cause-effect relationship and the principle that an object continues to exist, even when it's out of sight.

Coming up next is 'My Little Monkeys First Puzzle'. This starter puzzle invites babies to explore and manipulate pieces, stimulating their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities. Its friendly design is an attention-grabber, making learning fun and enjoyable.

Our Wooden Book is a great way to cultivate early reading habits in your child. Made out of sustainable materials, it doubles as a tool for cognitive development by introducing various shapes, colors, and figures.

The delightful Hedgehog Roller Rattle is designed keeping babies' sensory sensitivity in mind. It is both visually appealing and effective for auditory stimulation, making amusement time a learning experience.

Our uniquely designed Tactile Baby Rattle is easy for small hands to grip and explore. The sounds it produces can trigger and refine your baby's auditory senses, making it a wonderful tool for sensory development.

The Soft Building Monkey Blocks are created with a baby's safety utmost in mind. These soft, squishy, and colorful blocks help develop hand-eye coordination and the grasping technique in a playful manner.

Finally, the Parent Playtime Guide serves as a toolkit for parents. This guide walks you through the thought process behind each toy, presenting methodologies to extract the maximum benefits from each toy, resulting in countless hours of constructive, skill-enhancing playtime.

At Four Little Monkeys, we are committed to crafting experiences that are exciting, enriching, and enlightening. Our Monkey Play and Learn kit embodies this mission, promoting independent exploration and nurturing inherent curiosity in children, all at their own pace, making learning a cherished part of growing up.

Material & Dimensions

- Beech Wood
- Plywood
- Juniper Wood
- Silicon
- Plastic Paper

- Drop Ball Monkey Box: 28x15x10cm
- My Little Monkey's First Puzzle: 10x10cm
- Wooden Book: 10x10cm
- Hedgehog Roller Rattle: 5x11x8cm
- Tactile Baby Rattle: 9x5cm
- Soft Building Monkey Blocks: 17x25x6cm
- Parent Playtime Guide: 18x13cm


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